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The Bank Rakyat School of Business and Entrepreneurship (BRSBE) is one of UNIRAZAK’s unique founding schools, and is dedicated to providing quality education in entrepreneurial leadership in Malaysia. It was launched by YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak in December 2007.

BRSBE was formed with the view that entrepreneurial activity is one of the pillars of a strong and vibrant economy. Although big business is extremely vital for economic health and prosperity, a strong cadre of SMIs and SMEs is also essential to ensure a diverse economy and to provide the required support to big business companies and the community. BRSBE also recognises the fact that most wealth comes not from being employed, but by starting one’s own business, and that great products and services begin with a single idea. The problem is that many aspiring entrepreneurs are not educated enough to know how to convert their ideas into working solutions and practical businesses.

UNIRAZAK recognised that it is imperative for Malaysia’s future entrepreneurs to equip themselves with the proper tools and expertise for them to survive and flourish in today’s modern competitive economic climate. Entrepreneurs today face greater challenges in starting, funding, managing and growing their enterprise ventures in the wake of a rapidly changing business environment. To maximise the success of our entrepreneurial leaders, UNIRAZAK established the Bank Rakyat School of Business & Entrepreneurship (BRSBE), with the support of Bank Rakyat Malaysia Berhad which contributed generously to the endowment fund.

In effect, the BRSBE provides skills and competencies that are integral to becoming a successful entrepreneur. To this end, it has collaborated with US-based Babson College which has been the leading business school in the field of entrepreneurship for the last 15 years. It is also partners with the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE).

At UNIRAZAK’s BRSBE, entrepreneurs are developed and nurtured to identify opportunities and manage resources that result in wealth creation and/or value creation to the community. The programmes are tailored towards ‘education for entrepreneurship’ and designed to produce quality, efficient and effective entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, from both an economic and social standpoint. Students are exposed to a variety of learning approaches provided by a team of well qualified and experienced academics and professionals in various areas of entrepreneurship, business, and management-related fields.

Partners with leading institutions that grant exemptions for various professional certifications.

Additionally, UNIRAZAK is also partners with the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM), the Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM) and the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF), all prominent institutions endorsed by Bank Negara Malaysia. It is also partners with CPA Australia and has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with other institutions and professional bodies such as the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) and the Malaysian Association of Tax Accountants (MATA).

UNIRAZAK’s collaborations with its various partners grant its graduates exemptions for various professional certifications. For more information, please refer to the programme details.

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Bank Rakyat School of Business & Entrepreneurship (BRSBE). Named after one of the most competitive Islamic Banks in the world BRSBE embodies the concepts of ethical innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship.

At BRSBE our focus is on facilitating the nurturing of business leaders and entrepreneurs to succeed in a complex, uncertain and globally competitive world. In this School, we are concerned with assisting you to identify opportunities consistent with your strengths and knowledge in managing enterprises so as to create wealth, and add value to society. We will guide you to inspire yourself and others to effectively contribute towards building a sustainable global enterprise venture.

Our collaboration with Babson College, U.S.A., the world’s leading business school in the field of entrepreneurship provides access to highly motivated, creative, and innovative faculty. Whereas our accounting collaboration with CPA in Australia instills a disciplined approach to financial management the lifeblood of any business

Join BRSBE and be an entrepreneurial leader of tomorrow .
Thank you.

Best Wishes,
Dean, Bank Rakyat School of Business & Entrepreneurship


Bachelor of Taxation (Honours)

(R/344/6/0357) 04/20 (A10864)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

(R/345/6/0692) 01/20 (A11203)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

(R/345/6/0692) 01/20 (A11203)

Major Options:

Bachelor of Management (Honours)

(R2-DL/345/6/0098) 02/22 (A7782)

Diploma in Management

(R/345/4/0635) 06/19 (A10617)

Diploma in Accounting

(R/344/4/0287) 05/19 (A10432)


Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohd Yaziz Mohd Isa
Assistant Professor /Dean
Tel : +603 – 2730 7160

Nur Atiqah Abd Rahmali
Lecturer / Deputy Dean
Tel : +603 – 2730 7123


Prof. Dr. Siri Roland Xavier
Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Management (Entrepreneurship) (Hons.) & Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Administration (Insurance) (Hons.)
Tel : +603 – 2730 7175

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Omaima Eltahir Babikir Mohamed
Associate Professor
Tel : +603 – 2730 7165

Ahmad Zawawi Jamal
Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, Bachelor of Management (Hons.) &
Program Director, Diploma in Management
Tel : +603 – 2730 7138

Chandran Pachapan
Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, Bachelor of Accounting (CPA) (Hons.) &
Program Director, Diploma in Accounting
Tel : +603 – 2730 7125

Amiruddin Ahmad
Senior Lecturer 
Programme Director, Bachelor of Taxation (Hons.) &
Tel : +603 – 2730 7114

Nor Khalidah Abu
Senior Lecturer 
Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) &
Tel : +603 – 2730 7139

Latifah Abdul Latiff
Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Financial Planning) (Hons.) &
Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Banking and Finance) (Hons.)
Tel : +603 – 2730 7116

Asst. Prof. Dr. Noorseha Ayob
Tel : +603 – 2730 7049

Nurul Afza Hashim 
Tel : +603 – 2730 7153

Nor Azam Yaacob
Tel : +603 – 2730 7149

Mohamad Nor Haron
Tel : +603 – 2730 7129


Lim Eng Hoe
Senior Lecturer
Tel : +603 – 2730 7118

Chong K-Rine
Associate Lecturer
Tel : +603 – 2730 7144


Prof. Dr. Paul Cheng Chai Liou
Adjunct Professor
Tel : +603 – 2730 7119

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