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Our PINTAR Campus in Petaling Jaya is strategically located in vibrant and bustling hubs, well facilitated by public amenities such as food courts, banks, shopping malls and public transportation network. Several accommodation options are available within their vicinity, from walking distance to travelling by public transportation from the campus.

As a guide, the total monthly living expenses can range from approximately USD450 to USD750 (RM1,500 to RM2,700) or more per month or about USD5,400 to USD9,000 (RM18,000 to RM32,400) per year depending on the student's life style.
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The rental rate depends on the type of accommodations, locations and facilities offered.
Type of Accommodation

Estimate Rental per person per month (RM)

Furnished single storey link house

  • Single room sharing
  • Medium sized room sharing
  • Master room sharing


200 - 500
150 - 400
150 - 300

Furnished condominium/apartment unit
Facilities of swimming pool, gymnasium, etc may vary with different apartments (for details, go to the Accommodation Application Form)

  • Single room sharing
  • Medium sized room sharing
  • Master room sharing



340 - 600
170 - 500
170 - 400

All information are general guidelines and correct at the time of publication and rentals are subject to change without prior notice according to the prevailing market conditions.

* Important Note:

  1. Minimum tenancy is one (1) year.
Accommodation booking confirmation by payments must be received at least one month in advance by the Centre for Student Services Department of the university. (Please refer to details of payment mode in the Accommodation Application Form).
Last minute bookings (during official registrations or less then one month's notice) will be at students' own risk of having to pay higher rental cost if they are placed at temporary accommodations / hotels.
* For those who have different accommodation needs other than the types offered here, please send your enquiry stating details and rental budget at least two months in advance to css@pintar.unirazak.edu.my
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