: : International Students
  Airport Pick-up & Arrival Arrangements
The university will provide airport pick-ups when the pre-registration downpayment requirements from the international students are fulfilled (Please refer to the Guidelines For International Students). As per requirement of the Immigration Department of Malaysia, a University representative must meet the student upon arrival at the airport. Staff from the International Student Unit (ISU) will meet the student at the Immigration check-point based on the arrival details provided by the students.

Student or Student's Agent to inform the details of the arrival time and flight information to ISU approximately 7 days prior to the student's arrival. Please refer to the Pre-departure Checklist.


ISU staff to meet the student at the airport.



ISU staff to transport the student back to the University.

Please Refer to the guideline on New Student Pass and/or Visa Application - Step 5.


Registration and issuance of Student Identification Card by the Academic Administration.


If required, ISU staff will arrange and/or assist students on Accommodation.