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  Health Examination Report
    Guidelines to fill in Health Examination Report
    1. Please read the instruction carefully before filling the form.
    2. Please fill the form in English Language.
    3. Please write in capital letters.
    4. This form has 4 sections
      - Section 1 (Part A & Part B) to be filled by the applicant; and
      - Section 2, 3 & 4 to be filled by the examining Doctor
    5. Please complete all the tests required in this form.
    6. The University/College only accepts medical Examination done within 60 days before registration or within 30 days after registration.
    7. Please attach all original laboratory results.
    8. Please bring along the chest x-ray film and report for registration.
    9. Please make sure the chest x-ray film is labelled with your name and date taken(in English)
    10. Chest x-ray must be done within 6 months prior to registration can be accepted.
    11. The University/College reserves the right to repeat full medical check-up or any spesific laboratory tests should there be any doubt in the medical report submitted. All costs involved shall be borne by the candidates.
    12. The University/College reserves the right to reject any application:
      a. Based on the results of the health examination; or
      b. Should there be any evidence that the applicant has given false information in the health examination report or any supporting documents.
      Download form (pdf format)