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  ULB1143 Business Communication 1


Communicating effectively in speaking and in writing is an asset and a skill which is highly valued and important in ensuring success in the working world. The input and exposure needed by you to acquire the knowledge and the skills to be effective in business communication are important aspects which should be emphasized and delivered.


The Business Communication course is offered in two parts. The first part (Business Communication 1) specifically deals with Meetings and Report writing and the second part (Business Communication 2) deals with Business Writing, Types of Business Writing, Presentations and Job Hunting.


The purpose of the first part of this course i.e Business Communication 1 (ULB 1143) is to equip you with the necessary speaking and writing skills to function effectively in the areas of Meetings and Report Writing, and by using the English language as the medium of communication.

Relevance to Industry

The working industry rates all these communication areas as highly relevant in the development of the employee, both personally and professionally.


The objectives of this course are to expose you to:

1. The manner and the conduct of a meeting.
2. How to participate effectively in meetings.
3. How to write proper minutes of meetings.
4. How to write simple informative and/or analytical business reports.
5. How to do report presentation effectively.