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  ULB1153 Business Communication 2 


This is an advanced course in Business Communication.  It incorporates the four language skills around the main topics in Business Communication; namely Presentations, Business Correspondence and Job Hunting.  The contents and skills taught are those that are necessary in one's career.  The methodology is participatory in nature and learner centred.  Students are expected to play an active role in the learning process.


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Make a short oral presentation from a given topic.
  • Use appropriate language in business correspondence.
  • Prepare resumes and write cover letters.
  • Respond appropriately during job interviews

Expectation(s) of the Course Leader

  • Students are able to present at least 3 main points.
  • Students can use at least one expression learnt correctly and suitably in tasks given.
  • Students can arrange all the principal parts of a standard resume.
  • Students are able to carry themselves appropriately during mock interviews.