:: Director's Message

Welcome to the Centre for Languages and General Studies.

In fact, welcome to all prospective UNITAR students, as every student, whether foundation, diploma or degree, will 'cross our threshold' more than once during the course of his or her studies to take the University core courses which we offer.

At the Centre you will meet a team of dedicated, energetic young, or at least young-at-heart, lecturers who are committed to making learning an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all of their students. We believe that is not what we teach but what and how students learn that is of crucial importance, hence our classes emphasize experiential or active learning through students' involvement in projects, presentations and other group activities such as participating in and managing themed activities or events related to their studies. One notable example was the very successful celebration of Malaysia's 50th Anniversary of Independence, which was organized by Malaysian Studies students in 2007.

It is our hope that by using an approach which focuses on learning rather than teaching, students will come to develop a lifelong love of learning for its own sake rather than for the sake of passing exams.


Assoc. Prof. Lynne Kathryn Norazit