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  ULC0013 English 1


English 1 is a course for low-beginning to low intermediate students of UNIRAZAK. Students are placed in ULC 0013 based on the score of the EPT. They have minimal basic skills necessary for them to handle the demands of English at tertiary level. As the name implies, the course recognizes that teaching English for the beginners is rather intensive in meetings and thorough in the sense that there will be integration of skills.


The major focus of English 1, is grammar structure but the teaching and learning of each topic will be enhanced and assisted by various activities; reading, writing, listening and speaking. The contents and skills taught are those that are necessary to prepare students to meet the demands of college-level academic coursework. The approaches are grammar presentation, grammar in context, focused practice and communication practice. Students are expected to play an active role in the learning process.


The purpose of the course i.e. English 1 (ULC 0013) is to prepare students to meet the demands of college-level academic coursework and to develop students' English language proficiency.

Relevance to Industry

The working industry rates all this proficiency areas as highly relevant in the development of employee, both personally and professionally.


1. Read and comprehend a given reading passage (200 words reading passage)
2. Use correct parts of speech in a role-play and oral presentation.
3. Give supporting details on a given topic sentence.