:: Faculty Overview

The Centre for Languages and General Studies is the provider of all university core courses. This means that, although it does not offer specific diploma or degree programmes, the Centre has a central role to play in the academic life of every student who enrolls at UNIRAZAK.

First, as the medium of instruction at UNIRAZAK is English, one of the Centre's roles is to help students attain an acceptable level of proficiency in the language to enable them to complete their studies successfully. In fact, English, whether it be in the form of English Proficiency, English for Special Purposes or Business Communication, is an integral part of every undergraduate programme taught at UNIRAZAK. And for those who need extra help the Centre offers an Intensive English Programme. The Centre also offers other language proficiency courses including Basic Arabic, Mandarin, French and German.

Another of the Centre's roles is to prepare students for the academic demands of their studies through the provision of a number of thinking and study skills based courses,

Finally, the Centre is responsible for offering the prescribed MQA/LAN courses - Bahasa Malaysia, Malaysian Studies and Islamic or Moral Studies - and all co-curriculum courses, thus helping to ensure that students who graduate from UNIRAZAK are well-rounded and responsible individuals who are ready to take their place both in the workforce and in the community at large.