:: Dean's Message

College for Open Learning, UNIRAZAK, was officially established in July 2008. The main function of this department is look into the academic affairs of students in the distance learning mode. College for Open Learning, in short COL, at UNIRAZAK functions as the mediator between the main campus in Kelana Jaya (KJ) with the Regional Centres (RCs) in this country. However, all the courses and programmes handled by COL belong to the respective faculties in KJ. COL's main task is to cater for the students' academic matters such as course offerings, approval of tutors in RCs as well as managing problems from students. All distance learning students come under COL. All RC students are full time distance learners. Apart from this, COL also channels issues and complaints from students in all learning centres to the various departments such as the finance department, student affairs department, exam unit, IT department etc. COL aims to render its services and assistance to all parties from the regional centres in all matters. The process of constructing open learning communities is about shifts in discourse on education, learning and development. The process of constructing open learning suggests moving away from forms of education which emphasize knowledge transmission towards constructing communities whereby learning becomes a culture. The concept of an open learning system believes in the creative potential of human beings to interact and collectively reshape and reconstruct the world. As such, the vision of COL is to create learning opportunities for all, including working adults, who have the urge to further their academic qualifications, thus securing better career development.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bustam Kamri