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  Diploma in Entrepreneurship KP/JPS (A1600) 04/11

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship provides knowledge, skills and competency in the fields of management and entrepreneurial. This programme prepares the learners to understand their own lives and the world around them in terms of management sciences and entrepreneurship. It will also enable learners to understand the nature of entrepreneurship in creating, changing, experiencing and revolutionising values, products and services as part of the innovative processes. The programme enables learners to develop a profound understanding of the entrepreneurship processes such as exploring entrepreneurial avenues in order to discover the world of untapped opportunities and competitive advantages. Such strategic exploration may then lead to the development of potentially successful entrepreneurial ventures.


The curriculum for this programme is founded on a strong Liberal Arts tradition. It is one of the most challenging diploma programmes available nationally in terms of relevancy, scope and practicality. Students are exposed not only to Quality Perspectives of Living, Technopreneurship, Macroeconomics and Marketing but also to the Great Books of the World, Lifelong Learning and Personal Development, Management Gurus, and other equally interesting and mind shaping learning experiences.

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship will provide a firm foundation for learners to pursue the Bachelors Degree programme in a variety of academic and professional areas. For those who do not intend to immediately pursue higher academic qualification, this programme will enable them to enter the work force with the existing knowledgement that they have acquired. The Diploma in Entrepreneurship is an exciting academic/ professional option for school leavers and experienced workers who desire to acquire deeper knowledge and skills in the management field.


  • A pass in SPM / SPMV / ‘O’ Level with 3 credits and at least a pass in English Language or other equivalent qualifications which are recognised by the Malaysian Government; or

  • Relevant certificates which posses the minimum standard required by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA / LAN) or been granted MQA / LAN accreditation.

English Proficiency Requirement

International students must possess the following minimum English Language proficiency requirement before being allowed to register for Faculty courses as listed in the respective programme structures: TOEFL score of 450 or IELTS band 4.

The validity period for TOEFL and IELTS is two (2) years from the date of the award.

Without such qualifications, international students are required to register for and pass the Intensive English Programme. This English programme will incur additional charges apart from the respective Programme Fee.

The programme requires 91 credit hours comprising of 30 courses in Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. Students are also required to undergo practical training for one semester. The practical training experience integrates theories learnet in academic courses with specific practical industrial experience.The courses are:

Year 1
Semester 1

Computer Application in Business
Basic Skills for Entrepreneurs
Fundamental of Lifelong and Personal Development
Fundamentals of Marketing
Fundamental of Management
English 3

Semester 2

Organizational Behavior
Fundamentals of Accounting
Entrepreneurial Thinking, Value and Culture

Semester 3

Management Gurus
Introduction to Knowledge Management
Technical Entrepreneurs
Fundamental of Public and Private Organizations
Co - curriculum I

Year 2
Semester 4

Co-curriculum II
Introductory Statistics
Quality Perspectives for Entrepreneurs
Fundamentals of Financial Management
Business Law

Semester 5

Malaysian Studies
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
International Business

Semester 6
Industrial Training
Year 3
Semester 7
Managerial and Entrepreneurial Project
Management of New Enterprises
E - Commerce
Islamic studies or Moral Studies
Bahasa Kebangsaan

By obtaining knowledge historical, social and policy analysis, graduates will become potential front liners of organisations locally or internationally. Graduates from this programme will also be able to manage their own business. They will be able to participate in and contribute ideas towards discussions pertaining to developmental issues such as Information Communication and Technology, Biotechnology and the K-Economy. It is expected that those who acquire the Diploma in Entrepreneurship will play an important role in Small Medium/Enterprises in this country.

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