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Fatimah Pa'wan  
MSc. in Information Management, UiTM - 2004
Bachelor in International Business Management (Hons), UUM - 1999
  Diploma in Personnel Management
Area of Specialisation
Human Resource Management
  Research & Publications
Nazatulshima Abdul Rani,Fatimah Pa'wan, Normaziah Che Musa, & Misyer Mohamed Tajudin, Malaysian Employees' Preference of  Their Managers Leadership Styles. International  Review  of Business Research Papers. Vol. 4, No. 5, October - November, 2008. Pp.97-108.ISSN:1832-9543 on  http://bizresearchpapers.com/View Articles_current80.htm
Nurita Juhdi, Fatimah Pa'wan, Noor Akmar Othman and Hanifah Moksin. (2010, June 8-10). Internal and External Employability of Employees: A Study Among Employees in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Paper presented at Human Resource Management in a Volatile Business Environment, the 5th National Human Resource Management Conference 2010, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.
Nazatulshima Abdul Rani, Fatimah Pa'wan, Normaziah Che Musa, & Misyer Mohamed Tajudin,"Charismatic Leadership: The Study of Malaysian  Employees' Preference On The Leadership Style Of Their Managers." Research   for Change. Eighth International Business Research Conference. 27-28th March 2008, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.