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  Hanita Sarah Saad  
  MBA , UNITAR - 2000
  LL.B (HONS) International Islamic University Malaysia - 1998
  Area of Specialisation
  Law - Business Law, Company Law & Employment Law
  Human Resource Management - Industrial Relations
  Research & Publications
Publication Arising from Research Activities, Review, Conference Presentation and Poster (not published), Book and/or Article Reviews, Technical Reports, Other Published Articles.
Nurita Juhdi, Hanita Saad & Ainon Jauhariah (2007) Use of Technology, Job Characteristics and Work Outcomes: A Case of Unitar Instructors International Review of Business Research Papers Vol.3 No.2, pp. 184-203, June 2007
Hanita Sarah Saad, Ainon Jauhariah Abu Samah, & Nurita Juhdi (2007). "Employee's perception on work life quality: a comparison between academic and non academic staff at UNITAR." Proceedings of International Management Education Conference, Penang, Malaysia, 22 - 24 June 2007
Siti Nor Bayaah Ahmad, Hanita Sarah Saad & Nurita Juhdi (2007). "Roles of course leaders in facilitating teaching and learning: An exploratory study" Proceedings of International Management Education Conference, Penang, Malaysia, 22 - 24 June 2007
Nurita Juhdi, Hanita Sarah Saad & Siti Nor Bayaah (2007)."A Study On Problems, Roles And Factors Affecting Perceived Effectiveness Of Course Leader Performance," Proceedings of International Conference on Leadership in a Changing Landscape, Holiday Villa Subang, 7 & 8 August 2007
Hanita Saad (2007) Have A Job, Have a Life: Striking a Balance, FBA Business Wallpaper, Vol 2(2) April 2007
Hanita Saad (2006) Teaching Business Law to Non Law Students, FBA Business Wallpaper, Vol 1(2) October 2006
Hanita Saad (2006) When Your Office Is On The Green Under The Big Blue Sky, Open Space, FBA Business Wallpaper Vol 1(2) October 2006
Hanita Saad (2006) Implementation of Critical Thinking Elements In Qualitative Business Courses, Report presented at Thinking Skills Infusion Workshop - Melaka Water City Resort (December 2006)
Hanita Saad (2005) Actual Practices and Lessons Learned In Delivering Different Types Of Business Courses, Report presented at Teaching and Learning Workshop, UNITAR (April 2005)
Publication related to Teaching Materials
1. Company Law (2005) - Course Notes
2. Business Law (2000) - Courseware Notes, Question Bank & Student Handbook
3. Legal and Regulatory Issues in HRM (2002) - Courseware