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Siti Nor Baayah Ahmad  
MBA, UNITAR - 2000
BBA (Hons) Marketing, UiTM - 1998
Area of Specialisation
Marketing - Consumer Behavior, sustainable Marketing, Marketing Communication
Research & Publications
Ahmad, S.N.B., Juhdi, N., Jasin, D., Saidon, J., (2009). Consumer Ethnocentrism and Influence of Role Model on Young Female Purchase Intentions towards Cosmetic product. The Business Review, Cambridge, Vol.13, No2 (Dec 2009), pp170 - 177
Ahmad, S.N.B., Juhdi, N., (2009). Barriers to preference of Using Travel E-service among Internet Users. Journal of Tourism, Vol.10, No.1, pp 1-16
Ahmad, S.N.B & Juhdi, N. (2008). Travel Website Adoption among Internet Users in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Unitar E-Journal, Vol 4, No 1, pp 59-77
Yusof, M., Ahmad, S.N.B., Mohamed Tajudin M., B. & Ravindran, R (2008) A Study of Factors Influencing the Selection a Higher Education Institution . Unitar E-Journal, Vol 4, No. 2 pp 27-40.
     Conferences & Paper Presentations
Ahmad, S.N.B., Juhdi, N., Jasin, D., saidon, J. (2009, July). Consumer Ethnocentrism and Role Model Influences on Female Students' Purchase Intention toward Cosmetic products at The Global Business & Finance Research Conference, London, England, organized by The journal of American Academy of business Cambridge.
Ahmad, S.N.B.(2009, December). Modeling the effects if environmental values and status competitive motives in driving pro-environmental behavior among Malaysian consumers. Research Advance & Trends: A postgraduate Conference and Colloquium organized by Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.
Ahmad, S.N.B., Juhdi, N. (2008, July, 2-4). Consumer's perceptions and purchase intentions toward organic food products: an explorative study on attitudes of Malaysian consumers. 16th Anuual Conference on pacific basin Finance, Economics, Accounting and management, Brisbane Australia
Ahmad, S.N.B., Juhdi, N. (2008, Nov, 5-10). Barriers to Adoption of Travel E-service Among Internet users in Klang Valley, Malaysia. International Conference on Business and Economics, Constanza, Romania.
Ahmad, S.N.B., Siddiq, M.SB (2008, Nov, 5-10). Air Asia: Reinventing Competitive Advantage for Service Optimization. International Conference on Business and Economics, Constantza Romania
Yusof, M., Mohamed Tajudin M., Ahmad, S. N. B. & Ravindran, R. (2007, November, 2-3). Preference towards a Higher Education Institution: A Comparison between Groups of Consumers. Asia Pacific Marketing Conference, Kuching, Sarawak.
Juhdi, N., Ahmad, S. N. B. & Saad, H. S. (2007, August 7-8). A study on problems, roles and factors affecting perceived effectiveness of course leader performance. Paper presented at the International Conference on Leadership in A Changing Landscape, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ahmad, S. N. B, Juhdi, N. & Saad, H. S. (2007, June 22-24). Role of course leaders in facilitating teaching and learning: A descriptive analysis. Paper presented at the International Management Education Conference (iMEC2007), Penang, Malaysia.
Ahmad, S.N.B. (2005, Augist, 20-21). CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM): Students' Satisfaction on UniTAR's Customer Relationship Management. Sosio Ekonomi & IT ke-3 anjuran Universiti Utara Malaysia - Hotel Putra Brasmana Kuala Perlis, Malaysia.
Ahmad, S.N.B. (2005, July, 19-22). E-CRM effectiveness in maintaining customer loyalty. The Fifth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations, Rhodes Greece.
Ahmad, S.N.B & Abu, N.Z. (2006, Dec, 6-8). Perceived Travel Website Effectiveness: Preliminary Study Among Malaysian travelers. 2nd International Borneo Business Conference (IBBC 2006).
Ahmad, S.N.B. (2002). Influence of Cigarette Advertisement on Teenage Perception Towards Smoking Behaviour. "E-Globalization" 2002 Pan-Pacific Conference XIX, Bangkok Thailand.
    Book Chapter
Juhdi, N., Ahmad, S.N.B., Saad, H., (2009). A study on problems, Roles and Factors Affecting Perceived Effectiveness of Course leader performance. Published in "Leadership in a Changing Landscape", A book chapter. ISBN no. is 9789834371074
Ahmad, S.N.B. & Mohamed, A.A. (2007). Growing Importance of Studying "Impulse Purchase. Faculty off Business Administration newsletter Vol.2 Issue 2 April 2007
Omar, R., Amat Sapuan, D., Hudi, Z. H. & Ahmad, S. N. B. (2006). Kaleidoscopic portrayal of UNITAR: A collective perception of existing and potential stakeholders . Unpublished report.
Omar, R., Amat Sapuan, D., Hudi, Z. H. & Ahmad, S. N. B. (2005). Bridging the gap: Understanding the expectation and experience of graduating students at UNITAR: A descriptive analysis report of graduating class of 2005. Unpublished report.