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  Bachelor of Science (Accounting Information Systems)(Hons) KPT/JPS (PA10518) 08/13

BSc (Accounting Information System) is a programme that is formed through the synergy between Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Information Technology. The joint effort of both faculties leverages the unique strength and specialties of each other to produce graduates with dual knowledge and skills on accounting subjects as well as in the area of information technology. Students undertake this programme have the great opportunity to learn from the true experts from accounting background as well as information technology, to build connections with the students from both sides of the disciplines and to receive earlier exposure of information technology applications on accounting domains. One of the distinctive advantages of this programme is that the students will be supervised by the accounting professionals as well as information technologists in their final year project in developing IT solution that is realistic to real world business needs.

Unlike in the early days where Information Technology or Computer Science graduates are involved solely in system development specifically in programming, technical troubleshooting or system design, the demand in the recent trends in business world require IT/CS graduates to be involved directly in the business functions. An early exposure of the students to business related subjects at the undergraduate level will definitely be a head start for the student to face the challenges in the business world.

Another advantage of the programme is that it is not a double major programme where more credit hours are needed to graduate and subsequently requires a longer duration of study. The BSc (AIS) programme carefully selects the prominent courses among the accounting and information technology disciplines that sufficiently build a strong foundation for the graduates to elucidate and solve complex problems in both fields without the need to take additional courses or to extend the period of study. The programme has been endorsed by the accounting as well as information technology practitioners. Hence, the total credit hour for graduation is 123 for a minimum of 3 years.

The BSc (AIS) programme allows student to pursue to dual pathway upon their graduation in either accounting or information technology. The critical courses such as financial accounting, management accounting, finance, audit, taxation, accounting information system, corporate and business law, programming languages, database, networking, data communication, information security and business law are provided as background knowledge to prepare the graduates to pursue further into professional certifications in accountancy and information system etc to increase employability for industrial needs.

The programme is a approved by Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA/LAN) under provisional accreditation (KA10518). Potential students to enroll into this programme are those from Foundation programmes related to management, business and information technology and also Diploma in Accountancy and Diploma in Information Technology or equivalent.


  • Pass in STPM with 2 principles and a credit in Mathematics at the SPM level; or

  • Pass matriculation/foundation in related field with CGPA achievement at least 2.0 and a credit in Mathematics at the SPM level; or

  • Pass Diploma in related field at least CGPA 2.5; or

  • Other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government.


English Proficiency Requirement

Malaysian Students

Students who enroll into UNIRAZAK Bachelor's Degree programmes must fulfill the following English proficiency requirements:

  • Students who have a credit in the English Language at the SPM/SPMV level are required to take additional English courses, depending on the level of proficiency.
  • Students who do not have a credit in the English Language at the SPM/SPMV level are required to undergo the Intensive English Programme.
  • Students who have a distinction in the English Language at the SPM/SPMV level are not required to take additional English courses.

Additional charges will be imposed based on the English placement level.

UNIRAZAK Placement
Previous code: C3
Band 3
English 3 (ULD1133)
4B & 5C
Previous code: C4 & C5
Band 2
English 2 (ULC0123)
Previous code: C6
Band 1
English 1 (ULC0013)
7D, 8E & 9G
Previous code: P7, P8 & F9
Intensive English Programme

International Students

International students who enrol into UNIRAZAK programmes must fulfil the following English proficiency requirements:

  • Undergraduate Programmes - TOEFL score of 450 or IELTS band of 4

The validity period for TOEFL and IELTS is two (2) years from the date of the award.

Without the qualification mentioned above, International students are required to register for and pass a special Intensive English Programme (IEP). This programme will incur additional charges.


Year 1
Semester 1

Discrete Mathematics
Interactive Web Design
Programming Principles and Techniques
Database Analysis, Design and Modelling
Business Communication
Study Skills

Semester 2

Introduction to IS
Database Implementation
Pengajian Malaysia

Semester 3

Internet Programming
Systems Analysis & Design
Introduction to Financial Accounting
English for Academic Purposes
Computer Organization and Architecture
Co-curriculum 2

Year 2
Semester 4

Business Law
Principles of Management
Object-Oriented Programming
Data Communication & Computer Networking
Minor Project

Semester 5

Information Security
Principles of Finance
Pengajian Islam / Pengajian Moral

Semester 6

Principles of Marketing
Management Accounting 1
IT Project Management

Year 3
Semester 7

Financial Accounting and Reporting 1
Audit 1
Accounting and Information Systems 1
Major Project
Bahasa Kebangsaan A
Management Accounting 2

Semester 8

Taxation 1
Accounting and Information Systems 2
Financial Accounting and Reporting 2

Semester 9

Industrial Training


Upon graduation, students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills that they have acquired in the following positions:

  • Accountant

  • Information Analyst

  • Business Analyst

  • IT Auditor

  • Analyst Programmer

  • Account Executive

  • Credit officer

  • Internal Auditor

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