:: Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Information Technology was established to meet with the increasing demand for qualified and capable IT personnel in the growing IT industry and in the national development projects such as the Multimedia Super Corridor and the Vision 2020. A report on the regional trends in human capital requirements for the IT industry in Malaysia indicates that there is an acute shortage of personnel, especially in areas such as systems development and software development.

The Faculty of Information Technology offers a multitude of relevant IT programmes from the Foundation level to Bachelor Degree level to cater for the different needs of potential students. The foundation programme prepares the students to embark on higher level of study at bachelor degree level while the diploma programme is designed for dual path, i.e. students pursuing to bachelor degree level or students embarking on IT profession. The bachelor degree exposes the students on advanced courses in information technology and information system that are relevant to industrial needs. The Bachelor of Information Technology program has some specialised areas such as information science, computer networking, multimedia, medical informatics and computer forensics. Bachelor of Information System programme embeds five major soft and hard skills such as Analytical and Critical Thinking; Business Fundamentals; Interpersonal, Communication and Team Skills; Technology and Information Systems and Technology-Enabled Business Development.

In collaboration with Graduate School, the Faculty of Information Technology also offers postgraduate programmes such as Master in Information Technology, Master in Information Technology Management, Master of Science (Information Technology) by Research and Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology) by Research.