: : Staff Directory
   Staff Directory at PINTAR Campus
  President's Office
  Office of the President & Vice Chancellor
  Marketing & Promotion Department
  Human Resource Department
  Corporate Communications Department
  Centre for Professional Development
  Academic & Research Division
  Office of the Deputy President
  Faculty of Business Administration
  Faculty of Information Technology
  Faculty of Education & Social Sciences
  Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management
  Graduate School
  Centre for Languages & General Studies
  College for Open Learning
  Bureau for Excellence In Research & Teaching
  University Library Department
  Student Affairs & Development Department
  Research & Publication Department
  Industry Relations Department
  Corporate Services Division cum Bursar
  Office of the Deputy President
  Management Accounts
  Accounts Payable & Treasury
  Student Accounts Management
  Procurement Control & Asset Management Department
  ICT Services Department
  Property Management Department
  Registrar Office
  Registrar Office
  Academic Administration Department
  Quality Assurance
  Regulatory Affairs
  Centre for Student Services & Customer Relations Management
  Administration and Record Management Department
  Regional Centres
  Pusat Wilayah UNIRAZAK Alor Setar
  Pusat Wilayah UNIRAZAK Kota Bharu
  Pusat Wilayah UNIRAZAK Johor Bahru
  Pulau Pinang
  Kota Kinabalu