Best Paper Award



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  1. Prof. Dr. Venkata Lakshmi Narayanasarma Lellapalli

"Tears from Tilted Capital Structures: Need for Temperance in Debt Deployment", Presented at the 1st International Conference in Finance, Business and Accounting at Kuala Lumpur.

28-30 December 2009

Best Paper in Finance and was given the Best Paper Award-certified of Appreciation.  
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ravindran Ramasamy

"Impact of Stochastic Correlation on CDO Pricing", Presented at the 11th International Business Research Conference, Sydney, Australia.

2-4 December 2009

Best Paper Award in Financial Engineering, Banking and Finance.
Prof. Dr. Ong Fon Sim

"Older People as Models in Advertisements: A Cross-Cultural Content Analysis of Two Asian Countries", Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Money, Economy and Management.

3-4 July 2008

Best Marketing Paper Award.
Prof. Dr. Ong Fon Sim

"The Correlates of Cognitive Ageing and Adoption of Anti-Ageing Products Among Older Adults", Proceedings of the 2008 Global Marketing Conference, Shanghai.

3-4 July 2008

Best Paper for Marketing in Asia Track