UNIRAZAK Research & Publications Committee (URPC)
The UNIRAZAK Research & Publications Committee (URPC) is responsible to develop, implement, monitor and review strategies and policies relating to University's research activities, and advise faculties on developing and maintaining research performance through the faculty planning process in accordance with the University Strategic Plan.
Function of the Committee
Subject to the general policies and requirements of the University as approved by the University Senate, the committee is granted autonomy to:
  • to submit recommendations on matters relating to research in the University, including policies and strategies for fostering and advancing research, innovation, and the commercialization of research;

  • to allocate and monitor funds in order to provide strategic support for research within the University;

  • to advise the President/Vice Chancellor, and the Senate, on the development of and subsequent revisions to the University's strategic research plan and the ongoing monitoring of any outcomes defined in the plan;

  • to regularly review and revise research policies in view of advancements in research methodology, discipline requirements and technology;

  • to identify opportunities for institutional collaborations in research;

  • to identify opportunities for improvement in research culture at the University;

  • to develop strategies for expanding research activities within and outside the University.