Cases For Publication (UCWC101)



Sam, a local entrepreneur of pasta sauce knew that most shelf space for pasta sauce in supermarket is dominated by giant mass-market brand such as Prego and Classic. These brands are so well known that consumers expect to always see them on the shelves of the supermarket they shop in. Though Sam knew he might be facing a challenge from these international pasta sauce brands, he still believes his homemade pasta sauce can attract the local market's taste. During his visit to a retail supermarket that Sam wishes to approach in promoting his pasta sauce, he met Susan Lee, a marketing manager of a well known manufacturer which currently promoting its company's new product - vanilla corn cereal. It was released in the market just three months ago. However, Miss Lee is so frustrated with the sales performance because she has an idea that the supermarket did not do enough in pushing her product to the consumers. Through Miss Lee, Sam learns that too many supermarkets across the country were not featuring the product in the giant end-of-aisle display recommended by the manufacturer therefore reduces its sales. Looking how frustrated Susan Lee was, Sam has second thoughts whether he should just concentrate to a small scale business approach through friends and family members or trying his luck on selling his pasta sauce to specialty stores which carry smaller product assortments. Sam was wondering by himself.