Cases For Publication (UCWC101)



Asma Yilmaz was a Turkish girl who had enrolled in a Foundation In management program in a Malaysian university. She came to Malaysia with the encouragement of her father, Yusuf Yilmaz, a successful businessman. Although her departure was opposed by her boyfriend Fateh, it was Fateh that she often called to share the problems she faced in Malaysia.

Her problems began after she entered her second semester when she took two courses of her Foundation in Management program and English Proficiency 2. She was not able to understand the lectures of the two courses. Feeling isolated from the rest of her course mates, Asma also faced problems communicating her problems with her lecturers and other university staff. They did not believe what she said and thought she was just making excuses and complaints. Asma also had problems explaining her situation to her father, who had spent a considerable sum of money sending her to Malaysia.