Cases For Publication (UCWC101)



The case began with the abrupt resignation of Diana, the lecturer in charge of the compulsory first year subject 'Introduction to Aesthetics', a subject offered by the Department of Visual Arts in the Xanadu Institute of Creative Arts. As the semester was ending, a replacement was not chosen immediately. However, once the exams were over, someone had to be appointed to collate the students' marks and to ensure that they were duly processed and recorded. The Head of Department, Johan, had to choose between the remaining three staff teaching the subject - Daniel, the only senior full-time member of the team tutoring the subject but who was now preparing his PhD proposal. Adam, who divided his time between teaching and his administrative work as curator of the Museum of Visual Arts and Nadia, a young lecturer who had only joined the Institute in the middle of the current semester but who had already shown great potential. Having weighed up the relative merits and also availability of the candidates Johan decided to ask Nadia to take on the role. Due to the urgency of the task Nadia immediately began work unaware that she was lacking important information about changes in staffing that had occurred before she joined the Institute. Consequently, this led to a major misunderstanding between Daniel and Nadia, with Daniel complaining to Johan that Nadia had been rude to him and that he could not work with her again and Nadia complaining to Johan that Daniel had been talking down to her. A little later Nadia also informed Johan that she did not want to continue with the appointment as she felt she was not ready for it yet. Johan was already facing the problem of not having enough staff. Diana had also still not been replaced. To add to this, three of his staff was not on very friendly terms and he no longer had a full-time lecturer to take charge of the course. Johan had to find a way to resolve the situation.