Cases For Publication (UCWC101)



The influx of sponsored Libyan students to Universiti Tun Abdul Razak is very much welcomed. It means that the university is now well known in the North African country and the university will have a bigger foreign student population. An additional bonus from this is that female students from Libya must be accompanied by a male family member. He can be the husband or a sibling. Many of these companion students want to fill up their time by enrolling in a university program. Some would like to do another degree while some are pursuing their graduate studies. There is one obstacle though. All these students must have a certain level of English proficiency in order to continue their studies. They have to take a Placement Test. If they do not meet the required grade, they must undergo an Intensive Academic English course. This course may last up to two (2) semesters if they are very weak. Many will try their best so as to not to have to undergo this course. It is because it will be extra expenditures because they are paying from their own pockets and also they might not be able to complete at the same time with their partners. UNIRAZAK must address this problem. These companion students are a good source of income for the university. This case will be a good base for students to improve their argumentation and persuasion skills.