Cases For Publication (UCWC101)



This case involves the teaching and learning of Grammar in our Malaysian schools. Today, the English Language is unfortunately on the decline among our students and a large number of them are nor proficient in this language even though they have started learning this language as early as in Standard One. After six years of learning English at the Primary level and then going on to another five years at the Secondary level, there have been no marked improvements in the acquisition of the English Language amongst our students. This case revolves around both the teachers of the language as well as the students. It deals with the dilemma faced by the teacher to find ways and means to improve her teaching methods, thus being able to inculcate a positive attitude among her students for this language. The students on the other hand have to change their mindset pertaining to not only learning this language, but also using it with the correct Grammar. It is hoped that this case that deals with "wrestling" of Grammar will enlighten the teachers/lecturers to think of innovative ways of making their Grammar that much more interesting!