Cases For Publication (UCWC103)


Khursiah Abd. Aziz

For the first time since he was promoted, Ramachandran was apprehensive before the start of the morning briefing for the management on March 4th. Since his promotion two months ago as the manager of the laundry section at the Enggor Garden City Hotel, he had experienced an unusually smooth transition with no problems or complaints from other department heads, staff or guests. However, on the previous day he received a note from the General Manager, informing him that a regular VIP guest, Azmir Jaffar had not received the jacket he had sent to be laundered and that the guest was very unhappy about it. On the same day, Micheal Smith, the guest in room 2021, had complained to the duty manager that the laundry section had lost one sock each of 2 pairs of socks sent to the laundry the day before. He had also complained that he was charged at the express laundry service rate, a service that had not requested for. It was the hotel policy to charge double the normal rate for the express services. Mr. Smith therefore had refused to pay the laundry bill.