Cases For Publication (UCWC103)


Raja Hanaliza Raja Ahmad Tajudin

Kristal University had just been renamed Crystal University. The aim of changing in name was to reflect a more dynamic and an internationally recognizable name. With that, the acronym changed from Crystal U instead of Kris Uni. The effect of the renaming involved redesigning new robes, mace, other paraphernalia, logos and stationary to reflect the new identity of the university. The convocation recently held had to take all the above factors into consideration. A ceremony of handling over the mace by the Minister of Education to the VC was conducted and the event ran smoothly. The ceremony for the 2010 convocation had its most trying time in 4 years with too many changes in the committees. First, the Vice President (Academic) was given the responsibility for the entire convocation event whereas in the previous years the Deans take turns to be in charge. Many subcommittees were set up to facilitate the smooth flow of the event. However, the convocation's original plan to complete the ceremony by lunch time was delayed to 4:30p.m. This was because the Putrajaya Convention Centre (PCC) had accepted the request for 2 convocations, one by Crystal University and another by a different university. This resulted in chaos right from the start, with long queues of cars entering the PCC area and into the basement parking. As a result, the convocation was delayed by 2 hours and only began 11 a.m. instead of the scheduled 9 a.m.