Cases For Publication (UCWC103)


Khursiah Abd. Aziz

The Green Wave Hotel offered guests a variety of services including room service, turndown service, 24-hour room service and laundry and dry cleaning services. To ensure that the guests were comfortable during their stay, the hotel had to ensure that the room service adhered to the hotel's standard operating procedures. The Housekeeping department was responsible for cleanliness, maintenance of the hotel's public areas and operations in the laundry room. The guestrooms were serviced daily by the GRA (Guest Room Attendant). The housekeeper or the floor supervisor was the person responsible for preparing the daily room assignments for the GRA. On 3rd March, Rossa, a supervisor, took Emergency Leave (EL). Supervisors were responsible for preparing the daily GRA room assignments. Four of the morning (AM) floor supervisors would begin their shift at 9 am. The room assignment sheet needed to be completed and given to the AM GRA by 7.45 am. The only available supervisor was Salim, who was Public Area Supervisor, and he had no experience in preparing the GRA daily room assignment.