Cases For Publication (UCWC103)


Iris Madona D'Cruz

Issra is a Libyan student who has just enrolled into Universiti Cemerlang. She came to Malaysia because her husband came here to pursue his PhD. Instead of just sitting at home, Issra decided to continue with her studies. She enrolled for a Bachelor's degree course. In her home, Issra only spoke the Arabic language. There, the students are taught English as a single subject and they do not use this language once they are out of their English Language classroom. Therefore, when Issra enrolled for the degree program, her use of the English Language was extremely limited, but she had the perseverance to study the language so that she could excel in her studies. There are a large number of students like her in this university. For a start, Issra had to undergo an Intensive English course for one whole semester at the university. She worked very hard, passed her Intensive English examination and went on to register for her Bachelor's degree. The problem arose in her Information Technology class as the language used was very often beyond her level of comprehension. To top that, she also had to go through many terminologies that were almost alien to her. Her IT lecturer was not of any help either. This particular lecturer expected her students to understand everything that was discussed in class. Issra was lost. She began asking many questions in class. This unfortunately irked the lecturer.