Cases For Publication (UCWC103)


Syed Omar Syed Agil
Nurul Iman Suhaimi
Mirza Fareed Beg

The aim of the case study is to analyze the price increase of onions in Malaysia from the economics perspective. It incorporates mainly the theory of demand and supply, price elasticity and market structure. The case also considers policy issues such as the imposition of price control on onions in order to minimize the practice of inflating prices and what can be done to mitigate the problems of shortage of supply. The case study is prepared in a way that will enable students to understand the application of basic economic theories and tools in a real world situation so as to provide a better comprehension of economics taught in the classroom. Students will also gain a holistic insight on factors that influence consumers' behavior and their purchasing decisions, as well as being able to identify the relationship between the variables and the economic consequences of the problem to the country, suppliers, food services and consumers.