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The single mothers' community in Terengganu is one of the poorest in Malaysia. These single mothers struggle from day to day to make a living for the family. Even though most of them are physically capable, healthy and intelligent, they lack interpersonal skills, social networking capabilities, and the connection with the right government agencies to make their voices heard. Unfortunately, while there is much government assistance for single mothers and rural development, middlemen and vendors tend to manipulate and treat them unfairly. Due to lack of information, dissemination of assistance, training schemes and financial schemes are not evenly distributed and may not reach the hardcore poor. More training, self development and entrepreneurial development programs are needed to prepare and motivate these single mothers to face the challenges in developing their newly established cooperative and in starting new ventures. They need to be trained to be better organized and to be capable of managing their value chain activities and processes efficiently and effectively. Thus, the case tries to capture the issues and challenges faced by the Terengganu Single Mothers Co-operative Limited or Koperasi Ummu Wahidah Terengganu Berhad (KUWAT) especially at its early stage. Further, the case intends to highlight implicitly the role of the industry, government and academia in developing social entrepreneurship or collective entrepreneurship in rural areas. These entrepreneurial initiatives and activities can be further improved with the assistance and support of social entrepreneurs within the industry, government and educational institutions, particularly universities, colleges and institutes of higher learning.