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Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Majoring in Financial Technology

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3 Years

Intake: March, July, November

Financial Technology (FinTech) which is defined as the evolving integration of technology and financial services is a new technology used to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Essentially, FinTech is employed to help banks, financial organisations, companies, business owners and consumers to better understand and manage their financial operations, processes and lives by engaging specialised software and algorithms that can be found on computers and, increasingly, smartphones.

The BBA Majoring in FinTech is a cross-disciplinary course that combines Business quantitative and qualitative analytical tools, Finance, Technology Management and Innovation Management. The programme focuses on building students’ business sense, financial literacy, creativity and technology in management skills. The students will be equipped with knowledge and skills to meet current and future market needs and be ‘work ready’ upon graduation.

As more organisations realise the need for FinTech solutions and technologies to enhance their services and stay competitive, this has naturally led to a growth in jobs in FinTech related fields.

Our graduates will have job opportunities in the public or private sector for positions such as Financial Analyst, Product Manager, Business Analyst, Business Development Manager, Organisational Culture Champion, Data Specialist and Blockchain Developer

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