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Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Majoring in Sales Management

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3 Years

Intake: March, July, November

Students who are looking to expand their communication and relationship-building skills should consider the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) majoring in Sales Management. Students in this program will take four sales-related electives that incorporate real-world scenarios and role-plays which help them build critical skills for a successful career in sales.

Students will conduct in depth analysis of pricing, distribution, buyer behaviour, sales management strategies and market research. They may also have the opportunity to complete a field experience.

Graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Sales Management can find jobs in corporations as managers, sales representatives and marketers. They may be in charge of increasing a company’s sales through advertising or product development. Sales management professionals might analyze customers’ needs and preferences to create ideal advertising campaigns or products. Some professionals may also work in customer service to enhance credibility and promote a positive image of a company. Some common job titles may include Marketing Manager, Public Relations anger, Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Promotions Manager and Market Researcher.

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