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Bachelor in Commerce (Honours)

Advertisement Code: MQA/PA 11846

3 years

Intake: February, June, November

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) prepares you for careers centred around helping organisations and clients to make better decisions for the future. You will not only gain broad understanding of concepts fundamental to commerce such as statistics, company law, e-commerce, marketing and management but also extensive knowledge and skills in accounting for both private practices and public entities.

Graduates of UNIRAZAK’s Bachelor of Commerce will have a high level of analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. These are consistent with the expectations of the professional and public community due to wide exposure to the industry and social service learning. Future career pathways may include accounts manager, business analyst, financial dealer and broker, marketing specialist, entrepreneur, public sector administrators and many more.

*For enquiries on our programme fees, please contact our Marketing Department at 03 2730 7231 / 7053 / 7043 / 7184 / 7041 / 7046 - Malaysia Freelance Web Designer
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