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SEH is committed to providing coherent, developmental-based teacher education programmes that prepare potential students to establish and work within the teaching and learning communities which help to maximise their potential and that of their future students. The programmes offered by SEH promote collaborative learning and critical reflection as a way to develop a community of life-long learners who can respect diverse perspectives, make informed decisions, and be responsive to the changing needs of individuals in our society. All of our programmes are designed based on the philosophy that knowledge is power and every child deserves to be taught ethically by quality professionals and teachers who believe that all children are capable of learning. Thus, the goal of the school is to ensure graduates acquire professional knowledge, develop professional skills, and exhibit dispositions needed to be effective teachers as well as valuable members of society.

SEH offers pertinent programmes in education and language that prepare its graduates to accept, honour and enhance diversity among learners and discover their teaching capability through reflection and progressive field experiences. The programmes offered are Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Honours), Bachelor of Education (Honours), Bachelor of English (Honours) and Master of Education (TESL).

Dean’s Message

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and warm greetings to all.

Welcome to the School of Education and Humanities (SEH) at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK).

As Dean, I have the privilege and honour to lead one of the newest education faculties in Kuala Lumpur. I welcome future educators, learning evangelists, nation’s future learning designers and professional learning facilitators to initiate what could be a beautiful journey that awaits you at the faculty. Here at UNIRAZAK, SEH strives to make education accessible and ensure that all students contribute to and strengthen the communities where they live and work. Students will benefit from the niche programmes specifically catered to the needs of the industry through a series of student activities, up-skilling initiatives, collaborative endeavours and staff engagements that we have with industries and communities.

This is an exciting time for the faculty as we continue to fulfil our mission of reinventing education for a diverse, complex world. Here at SEH, we teach to inspire others so we are committed to educate young scholars and educators through the industry-based curriculum, provide rich learning experiences and incorporate the world’s best practices in education.

SEH is committed to producing graduates who are school-ready, who will find their way to various services and corporate sectors; government and non-government alike as well as entrepreneurial and social engagements. At School of Education and Humanities, we take responsibility in the development of collaborative leadership, entrepreneurial and nurturing characters too. We achieve this aim by creating quality programmes that are relevant with the current economic situation that fosters a respectful and inclusive environment where students, faculty, staff, and alumni can share common ground, are passionate, committed to learning, scholarship, and services. At SEH, we want to be a centre of innovation and community-based learning that develops the passionate ‘guru’ in you, but with entrepreneurial business acumen where students can put theory into practice to answer some of the most pressing and challenging questions faced in education today.

We are steadfast in making sure that student’s engagement and enhanced learning that allows them to be a leader in today’s 21st-century classrooms; educating teachers with the latest educational technologies and moving from dusty chalkboards to smartboards, scribblers to virtual platforms, online-based and mobile teaching and learning applications, through the incorporation of a wide range of digital literacies, with the inclusion of humanistic aspects.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programmes, to discover more about our faculty, staff, and students, and encourage you to stay connected with us.

Best Wishes,

School of Education and Humanities


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zaida Mustafa
Tel : +603 – 2730 7141

Hamidah Mohamad
Deputy Dean
Tel : +603 – 2730 7016

Saharuddin Kosnan
Deputy Dean (Operations)
Tel : +603 – 2730 7289


Prof. Dr. Putri Zabariah Megat Abd. Rahman
Programme Director,
Master in Early Childhood Education
Tel : +603 – 2730 7142

Ku faridah Ku Ibrahim
Senior Lecturer
Tel : +603 – 2730 7252

Lilie Zahara Ramly
Program Director, Bachelor of English (Honours) & Bachelor of Education (Honours)

Tel : +603 – 2730 7039

Noor ‘Olya Dollah
Tel : +603 – 2730 7130


Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatimah Binti Tambi
Academic Associate
Tel : +603 – 2730 7094

Mohamad Firdaus Bin Zakaria
Academic Associate
Tel : +603 – 2730 7142

Shamilah Abdul Halim
Tel : +603 – 2730 7099 - Malaysia Freelance Web Designer
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