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The Bank Rakyat School of Business and Entrepreneurship (BRSBE) is proud of its long-standing formative business programmes of entrepreneurship and accounting with professional accreditation when the School was formed, to offer a multitude of interdisciplinary programmes that are industry-driven and flexible.

The School has evolved by empowering our students to reflect on the purpose of business education henceforth allowing students to choose the most suitable programme for them, from the plethora of programmes we offer, so that students strive and thrive in their collegiate years.

At BRSBE, we believe the vocation of excellence in business education is to prepare students to themselves understand and be equipped with the necessary job skills to become business leaders in their chosen fields, be it professional accounting or tax consulting, business analytics, Islamic financial planning, or risk insurance, social media marketing and many more.

The courses at the School are taught by a diverse community of scholars who are well acknowledged in their respective fields of study. Their expertise will equip our students with the critical thinking, writing, articulating and argumentation skills, and encourage self-confident questioning that produces extraordinary intelligence, character, wisdom and compassion. Through innovative research and with the dedication to professional excellence; the foundation for our distinction and for our students’ successes.

The School’s identity has always been shaped and will continue to be so, by our scholars’ preoccupation with making our students the first choice of the industry. The commitment and guidance from our scholars is what attract students to the School. We care deeply about our students and the quality of education and learning they receive, when we engage with them.

Dean’s Message

Welcome to The UNIRAZAK Graduate School of Business! Our school is the right place to receive an unrivaled business education. We are very pleased and excited to be able to assist and serve our existing as well as potential students who yearn for new and state of the art knowledge in the business and business related areas.

The Graduate School of Business has an excellent blend of local as well as international academicians, who are equipped with their doctoral and professional qualifications, and a vast experience in teaching, research and industry. We, at the Graduate School of Business, strongly believe in imparting a world-class business education and in enriching and enhancing the learning experiences of our students.

The GSB currently offers postgraduate programs which include Master of Business Administration, Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy.

Our programs help students develop marketable skills based on deep understanding and involvement in the world around them. Entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities abound within our programmes, and students bring distinction to themselves as well as to their organizations in the wider arena across the country as well as globally.

Our well-designed curriculum, well-qualified and experienced faculty, strong industrial and institutional networks, and conducive learning environment form a fertile eco-system to sow seeds of greatness. Nourished by innovation and sheer determination, we groom future leaders and entrepreneurs. Pluck the branches of success and have a bright future through the GSB.

Best Wishes,
Dean, Graduate School of Business

Download Academic Timeline for July 2019 (PDF): Click here


Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohd Yaziz Mohd Isa
Assistant Professor /Dean
Tel : +603 – 2730 7160

Asst. Prof. Dr. Noorseha Ayob
Lecturer /Deputy Dean
Programme Director, Bachelor of Management (Hons) & Programme Director, Diploma in Management

Tel : +603 – 2730 7049


Prof. Dr. Siri Roland Xavier
Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Management (Entrepreneurship) (Hons.) & Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Administration (Insurance) (Hons.)
Tel : +603 – 2730 7175

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Omaima Eltahir Babikir Mohamed
Associate Professor
Tel : +603 – 2730 7165

Ahmad Zawawi Jamal
Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, Bachelor of Management (Hons.) &
Program Director, Diploma in Management
Tel : +603 – 2730 7138

Chandran Pachapan
Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, Bachelor of Accounting (CPA) (Hons.) & Programme Director, Diploma in Accounting
Tel : +603 – 2730 7125

Amiruddin Ahmad
Senior Lecturer 
Programme Director, Bachelor of Taxation (Hons.) &
Tel : +603 – 2730 7114

Asst. Prof. Nor Khalidah Abu
Assistant Professor
Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) & Programme Director, Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)
Tel : +603 – 2730 7139

Latifah Abdul Latiff
Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Financial Planning) (Hons.) &
Programme Director, Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Banking and Finance) (Hons.)
Tel : +603 – 2730 7116

Nur Atiqah Abd Rahmali
Tel : +603 – 2730 7123

Nurul Afza Hashim 
Tel : +603 – 2730 7153

Nor Azam Yaacob
Tel : +603 – 2730 7149

Mohamad Nor Haron
Tel : +603 – 2730 7129


Lim Eng Hoe
Senior Lecturer
Tel : +603 – 2730 7118

Chong K-Rine
Associate Lecturer
Tel : +603 – 2730 7144


Prof. Dr. Paul Cheng Chai Liou
Adjunct Professor
Tel : +603 – 2730 7119

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