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UNIRAZAK’s two (2) year Al-Asasi pre-university programme is designed to prepare Tahfiz students without SPM qualifications to pursue diploma and degree programmes at UNIRAZAK by way of Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) entry.

Al-Asasi’s core focus will be on Mathematics, English and Hafazan plus a 6-month work placement aimed at preparing the students for a career in accounting, Islamic banking, financial planning, taxation, economy and business.

Upon completion of Al-Asasi, students will be required to satisfy a simple APEL assessment and upon satisfaction, students will then proceed to the selected diploma or degree programme at UNIRAZAK with funding from PTPTN, subject to eligibility.

UNIRAZAK has always been committed to producing professionals to support nation building and industries and we strongly believe that Al-Asasi will accelerate our mission and fortify our resolve by producing professionals with a strong foundation in Islam, tempered with future-proof knowledge and skills.


  1. Minimum 18 years old (for diploma route); or
  2. Minimum 19 years old (for degree route); and
  3. Student at PINTA endorsed school; and
  4. Huffaz (> 7 juz’).


  1. Registration: RM50 one-time fee
  2. Tuition fee: RM500 per month
  3. Accommodation: RM300 per month


Please click the link below for application.

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