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APEL stands for ACCREDITATION FOR PRIOR EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. It is a powerful tool for bringing people into the learning system. It is defined as a systematic process that involves the identification, documentation and assessment of prior experiential learning. In general, APEL process involves the assessment of experiential learning. This learning may be acquired through various channels which include formal schooling, work and life experiences, training, independent study, voluntary work, hobbies and others.

  1. Malaysian citizen.
  2. APEL admission requirement for Diploma Programmes: Minimum 20 years of age with relevant work experience.
  3. APEL admission requirement for Degree Programmes: Minimum 21 years of age with relevant work experience.
  4. APEL admission requirement for Master Programme: Minimum 30 years of age with STPM/Diploma/A-Level/ equivalent and relevant work experience.
  5. Qualification with non-MQA accredited diploma with a duration of more than 2 years or 90 credit hours is acceptable.

APEL is created to provide an ‘entry’ method to those with no formal qualification to further their education to a higher level. It encourages an individual to continuously enhance their knowledge which can lead to a respective certification of qualification. This, in return, will provide opportunities for individuals to obtain better job prospects. The APEL assessments are for admission to UNIRAZAK Diploma, Degree and Master Programmes only.

APEL certification determines an applicant’s eligibility to apply for admission into UNIRAZAK programmes.

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