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Razakians are the next generation of Sam Waltons, Bill Gates and Michael Dells, who are hard at work while being at UNIRAZAK. Razakians are the future social entrepreneurs, where the power of ideas, know-how, and resources can be harnessed to enrich lives and effect positive change for a better Malaysia and eventually, the world. Instead of working as an individual, they define the culture and emphasize an environment of partnership, teamwork, trust, and respect.

The student lounge or better known as the School of Happiness will work as a co-working space based in UNIRAZAK that offers Razakians a professional environment where they can work, talk, meet, and inspire each other. School of Happiness is the place where Razakians can meet up, drink some coffee, or have lunch provided by lunchrooms in the neighborhood while watching Netflix. What the co-working space allows for is true freedom and mobility. The culture is conducive to the genuinely organic collaboration and conversations that are struck up. The area provides for innovation by enabling Razakians with unique skills and talents to connect and collaborate.

You won’t find a cookie-cutter definition of academic excellence or character here. The diversity of students in terms of political view, religious background, and extracurricular interest is vast.

Get to know some of the Razakian:

  • Rebels ­– Razakian Rebels are the athletic teams that represent UNIRAZAK. Rebels include men’s and women’s rugby, chess, football, and badminton.
  • Rangers – Razakian Rangers promote and coordinate volunteer opportunities, build partnerships within the community, and instill a lifelong commitment to service. From one-day service projects to more sustained engagements both locally and abroad, Razakian Rangers continue the tradition of service that has been a hallmark of the campus experience for generations.

Buddies – Razakian Buddies provides an opportunity for upper-class students to help new Razakians experience a positive transition to UNIRAZAK.

Happiness Heroes

A key element of great stories is the hero: Luke Skywalker, Batman, James Bond, Harry Potter—the list goes on and on. However, these stories also contained guides, without whom our heroes would have struggled and possibly failed: Yoda, Alfred, Ian Fleming’s M, and Dumbledore.

In UNIRAZAK, we believe that the Happiness Heroes from the Division of Student Experience are part of the journey in transforming each student from zero to hero. They are the Yoda to all UNIRAZAK students

Council, Clubs & Societies

Our students fill their schedules as influential team players in the Debate team and leaders at the Faculty clubs. They are intramural rugby and badminton players. They are mastering public speaking through our Toastmasters club. Whatever you are into, chances are, someone here is too. - Malaysia Freelance Web Designer
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