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Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Majoring in Business Analytics

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3 Years

Intake: March, July, November

For the Bachelor Administration (Honours) majoring in Business Analytics, students will study, analyse and interpret the big data of organizations and businesses. Business Analytics is about exploring and inspecting data from the past and using it to formulate business and marketing plans for the future. Nowadays this is an important part of management science and there is increasing demand for Business Analytics professionals.

Business Analytics is based on data and statistical methods. It focuses on using a set of metrics to investigate the past performance of a company in order to gain valuable insight, predict trends and carry out business planning and decision-making for the future. When used effectively, Business Analytics can assist companies to optimize their performance.

This course trains students in 4 main areas: Decision Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics.

As skilled Business Analytics professionals, our graduates have a range of attractive job opportunities available in organisations such as Multi-National Companies (MNCs), Retailers, Manufacturers, IT firms, Telecom companies, E-Commerce firms, Consultancies and Business Analytics and Intelligence firms.

Upon completion of the programme, our graduates may assume roles as a: Business Analyst, Business Strategist, Data Analyst, Project Manager, Data Mining Specialist, or Data Warehousing Specialist.



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