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Bachelor of Economics (Honours)

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3 Years

Intake: March, July, November


The Bachelor of Economics (Honours) is a holistic and integrated programme designed to achieve all rounded students who are capable of integrating theory, skills, experiences and transform into good analysis skills.


TARSOG’s Bachelor of Economics (Honours) is designed to provide a specialised academic programme due to the presence of market demand for academic, business, government economists as well as economic graduates who are prepared for managerial positions at the local and international levels.

This programme combines economics with subjects related to government and public policy. The increasing involvement of private sector organisations in public service delivery makes a thorough understanding of how government operates at different levels an essential element of economics.

This programme provides a particularly strong combination between economics, international trade and the process of government which is central to the dynamism and challenges of the modern world. The programme will also develop public administrators who are able to understand economic concepts, principles and theories, analyse them in the context of the dynamic economic, social and political environment and challenges, and apply them in the formulation of viable economic policies to strengthen the nation’s economy. It strives to produce competent graduates in economics with business acumen, analytical skills, global perspectives, holistic personalities, high levels of employability, and marketability to compete and work in the local and international environment. It offers students the opportunity to choose a plan of study consistent with their interests, abilities, and career aspirations.

TARSOG’s Bachelor of Economics (Honours) is a unique programme specifically designed for full-time students, and is a three-year programme by coursework.

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